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Colonial Mexico


Colonial Mexico, started with the path of Cortez, that left villages and cities lined with antique domed and porticoed structures, boasting ornate statues of Jesus on hilltops and buildings covered with detailed, carved stone work and tile facades, but the faces of the people still reflect the ancient Indian civilization and culture.  The markets flourish with the same traditions as they have been for centuries.


Many of the cities maintain and respect local artisans including wood carvers, weavers, potters, hat makers and mosaic tiles.  The tradition of these arts has really flourished and the artisans the we encountered were very proud of their craft.


Luckily, our trip was planned at the right time, and we were fortunate to experience the Monarch Butterfly migration in this region where we were guided into the forest, to discover the butterflies clinging to the trees in masses and walk along paths that are covered with black and orange.  The sound made from millions of butterfly wings is unforgettable.